Shelby County: Packed Protests are Fine, Packed Diners are Not

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Coronavirus, Local News | 0 comments

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Shelby County was scheduled to move forward into Phase 3 of the “Back to Business” plan, but it was announced today that the area would remain in Phase 2. In a county that has almost a million residents, there has been less than 7,000 coronavirus cases total. About half of these have recovered. With a small spike in cases, the county’s government backed out of its original plan and decided to stay put in Phase 2 at the last minute.

The Daily Memphian reports that the “Health Department leaders and the mayors of the county’s eight cities and towns, as well as Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris, are considering staying in Phase 2 of the reopening, or ‘Back to Business’ plan, for the immediate future, according to sources.”


This could mean that places such as wedding venues and groups of more than 50 people could still be far away. Also, questions arise that if Memphis continues to have a steady stream of cases, will the government force the city backwards into Phase 1 again?

The plans for the upcoming school semester are still a mystery. The University of Memphis announced it would have classes in the fall and an altered schedule, but details about classes on campus and extracurricular activities are still in the works.

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