SHOP SAFE in Germantown

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Businesses in Germantown are banding together during the Corona Virus outbreak with a new slogan “Safe Shop,” the brainchild of Teresa Rando, owner of Rando Frame and Gallery.

Rando tells “Wake Up Memphis” with Robyn Walensky “At first I came up with the idea of putting a sign out in front of my store, now it’s being turned into a sticker, it lets customers know we are offering an environment that meets CDC coronavirus safety and cleanliness standards.”

Rando Frame and Gallery sells a wide variety of frames for wedding photographs, high school and college diplomas, art, and the business also restores frames for historical prints and paintings as well.

Rando tells “Wake Up Memphis” she was extremely frustrated during the early days of the coronavirus shutdown as customers were afraid to come inside. After she put a “Safe Shop” sign outside her door, it drew people back in. Rando decided to help other local businesses in Germantown by launching the “Safe Shop” initiative.

Rando tells Walensky other establishments are extremely eager to join the movement  and the Germantown Chamber of Commerce is helping to facilitate “Safe Shop.”

“We want to give people a high level of comfort that they can shop safely in our stores here in Germantown,” she says.

For more information on the “Safe Shop” program you can email Teresa Rando at:


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