SPECIAL DELIVERY: Southaven Lady Creates Red Mailbox Bows To Support Medical Workers

by | Mar 29, 2020 | Faith | 0 comments

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A Southaven, Mississippi, resident is crafting large, red, mailbox bows to signal support and thankfulness toward medical workers in the Greater Memphis Area.

According to Local Memphis news, Tracy Gallagher is making the bows during the coronavirus pandemic so that healthcare staffers on the frontlines know their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“I want our healthcare workers to see the bows when they are on their way to their shift or maybe on their way home, to encourage them and let them know people are thinking about them,” Gallagher told local news.

A Facebook post, and a tweet from reporter Caitlin McCarthy, both display the fluffy bows on various mailboxes in the neighborhood. Gallagher says she is making and delivery the bows for $15.

“Let’s show the medical community and those that work in essential businesses that we stand in solidarity with them,” Gallagher wrote on Facebook, adding that residents in Italy make similar gestures to cheer for personnel in the medical field.

As of late March, Gallagher has crafted more than 60 bows. She told Local Memphis that one of her family members is currently fighting COVID-19.

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