Starnes: Ja Morant Needs an Intervention — and So Does the Entire City

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Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant has been benched until further notice.

The star player facing all sorts of controversy for embracing the thug life.

Most recently showing off a gun inside a nightclub. He’s also been accused in other altercations that were reportedly covered up by police.

Thousands of concerned Memphians have taken to social media — calling on Morant to get it together.

His most loyal defenders dismiss the concerns — they say Ja is just a young kid who made mistake.

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But Ja is a 23-year-old – grown man – who knows right from wrong.

He was born into a good home, raised in a good neighborhood and educated in a Christian school.

In other words — he’s got no one to blame for his current predicament but himself.

Memphis is the most dangerous city in the nation. One of the reasons why is that many young boys are emulating the same sort of thug life they see played out in music, movies, video games even on the basketball court.

Not only does Ja Morant need an intervention – so does the entire city.

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