State Rep’s New Bill Takes Aim at Embattled County Clerk Halbert

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Tennessee State Rep. Mark White (R) announced Thursday he’s writing a new law that would make it easier to remove Shelby County Clerk Wanda Halbert from office.

According to a press release from White’s office, the “legislation would reduce the number of signatures needed for a recall election from 15 percent of registered voters to 1 percent of registered voters if a county legislative body also passed a resolution of no confidence in the county officer.”

The effort to recall Halbert came after drivers have been waiting months for car tags and standing in massive lines at the clerk’s offices just to get them.

“Citizens of all community deserve the best from their elected officials,” White said. “The issues that have plagued the Shelby County Clerk’s Office are simply unacceptable. Government works for the people, and this situation represents an egregious dereliction of duties by a public servant.”

The proposed legislation would take effect immediately if passed. According to Shelby County’s charter, a county official cannot be recalled within the first or last 180 days of their term.

The clerk’s office is currently closed this week while the office continues to try to catch up on the backlog of car tags.

It reopens Monday.

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