Tappan: Tyre Nichols’ Death Has Nothing to do With Race

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Pastor Frederick Tappan, the host of “The Frederick Tappan Show” on KWAM, told “Wake Up Memphis” with Ben Deeter the Tyre Nichols’ case doesn’t have anything to do with race.

Memphis Police announced they are waiting another 1-2 weeks to release the footage of the incident between Nichols’ and five police officers, all of whom have been fired by the department.

However, Tappan said the city can’t afford to wait to release it.

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“Every day, every hour that we wait there will be more angst, there will be more individuals coming in trying to stoke fires,” Tappan said. “You have individuals stoking the racial fire.”

He went on to say how frustrated he was that by focusing on the racial component, folks are taking the focus off of the death of Tyre Nichols.

Listen to the full interview below:

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