“There’s a point at which we’ve got to say we’re still Americans” – Mike Huckabee

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Former Arkansas governor and Christian minister Mike Huckabee talked with Todd Starnes during the “Todd Starnes Show” about when and how Americans should stand up against the tightening noose of many state governments.

“Somehow, there is a disconnect between our freedom and honestly our personal responsibility in this country,” Huckabee said of the ongoing struggle.

The politician’s advice for all Americans during this time of civil unrest is to remember a Biblical model.

“We respect the authorities,” Huckabee said, “but when the authorities have given us instructions that are clearly insane, the provision is, we might in fact say no to them, but we do have to accept there are responsibilities.”

An example is a responsibility of those that participated in the protest at a New Jersey gym. After warning the protestors that they were violating the government’s orders, the police simply wished them a nice day and let them proceed.

“The irony of that is that the governor of New Jersey would take people who are working out to be healthy and put them in a jail,” Huckabee noted, “and take convicted criminals, guilty of violent crimes, out of jail for fear that they might get coronavirus in jail.”

The former governor also touched on the cable networks’ outrage over President Trump saying that he is taking hydroxychloroquine to prevent the coronavirus. In response, Huckabee said whether a medicine should be prescribed should be decided by a doctor instead of a mainstream news anchor.

The Democratic-run state governments are looking to take away many citizens’ basic rights to privacy and choice, and Americans are getting fed up with it.

“There’s a point at which we gotta say, we’re still Americans aren’t we?” he added. “We do get to make a few choices.”

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