Thug Steals a Memphis Woman’s Precious Memories and Now She Wants Them Back

by | May 19, 2020 | Local News | 0 comments

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A Memphis woman said in a report Monday that her home was burglarized last weekend and the thieves made off with priceless photographs of her father as a boy and her mother.

“I just want those pictures,” Regina Stone told WMC Action News 5. “It saddens me because the only thing that they’ve taken from me that I valued more than anything else is the connection with my family.”

Stone told the station that the burglary apparently occurred at around 8 p.m. on Sunday. She said she noticed that the home’s sliding door was open and knew something was wrong. Besides the manilla folder with the photos, the suspect made off with gardening tools and other items.

The report said the suspect wore a cap with the word “Yums” on it and had either a tattoo or birthmark on his right forearm and calf.


Stone told the station that she has little interest in recovering the other items, but both her parents have died. Her father, John Stone Jr., served in WWII and her mother died in 2012.

“They’ve taken one thing that means more to me than anything else and that was a manilla envelope full of photos from my father, from the time he was a teen,” she told the station.

Memphis, like other cities in the U.S., is working to face a new set of challenges due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Fox 13 reported in April that Shelby County has seen a decrease in home burglaries due to the fact that so many residents are staying home due to the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent orders from state officials. Although home burglaries are down, the report said that commercial burglaries seem to be increasing.

“For you to be out of work, especially for the small business owners, they’re already losing money and they have to file this insurance claim. they’re just losing all around. I mean it’s hard,” one resident said.

The county has also seen a rise in deaths due to drug overdoses, the Associated Press reported. Officials in the county said that more than 100 people died there since mid-March due to drug overdoses.

Alisa Haushalter, the Shelby County Health Department director, said that the number of overdose deaths is greater in the county than those who died from COVID-19. As of Tuesday, the county has recorded 88 deaths linked to the pandemic.

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