Tim’s Saturday at CPAC Blog: Senators, AG, Sheriffs & More!

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What a 2nd day at CPAC in Dallas!  The Mighty 990 crew got started early and we are just now winding down. We had early morning interviews with the two Tennessee Senators, Bill Hagerty then Marsha Blackburn. Todd Starnes & I conducted back-to-back interviews with each.

TN Senator Marsha Blackburn

TN Senator Bill Hagerty

Both spoke on local, national & international issues.
As CPAC opened to the public, there was an incredible influx of people. Judging by yesterday’s line to pick up tickets, it’s no surprise to see so many folks strolling through today. I have seen several folks from Tennessee, Mississippi & Arkansas. It means so much to meet and speak with listeners. We know that we are accountable to you, our listener, and it’s great to know that many of you believe we are on the right track.
Speaking of the folks walking about, it’s quite the variety of booths to see here in Dallas. If you’re looking for a t-shirt, hat or even hammock that’s MAGA-related, I’m pretty confident you can find it here. It’s not all merchandise, though. Some terrific organizations have set up booths, too, and I’ll be featuring some of them in the coming days. Stay tuned for what is really to be a great variety of folks who are all-in on the conservative movement.

President of YAF & Former WI Governor Scott Walker

Although we’ve spoken before, it was great to finally meet former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who is now heading up Young America’s FoundationWe talked about current events and why there is reason to be encouraged about our nation’s future. Gov. Walker & the Foundation are working hard to encourage & develop the next generation of Conservative leaders. I also gave thanks for his home state of Wisconsin for taking great of a national treasure that originated in Memphis.

Louisiana AG Jeff Landry

I also had an opportunity to chat with Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and learned quite a bit about the numerous battles he is facing in his state as well as a recent tragedy of the death of a law enforcement officer.
We dove into some serious issues, and then I somehow ended up getting my family invited to dinner on our next trip to Louisiana just before we had to end the segment (I’m getting time cues to wrap up in the background of this pic). I’m down with Cajun cooking, so this interview started well & only got better!
Neighboring Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn stopped for a chat. After we cleared up a misunderstanding on an outstanding warrant (kidding as far as you know), we had a great chat on what he saw and heard as one of the Law Enforcement officials invited by President Trump to participate in a visit and roundtable discussion at the southern border. Terrific gentleman who has spent much of his life in law enforcement, and he gave me a great “Don’t Mess With Texas” look in the pic. May God bless him and all of our law enforcement officers across the country! Thank you!
I’ll have more on the way, but in the meantime it’s back to work getting some great interviews to share with you!

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