TPUSA Blasts Leftists Outraged Over Kyle Rittenhouse Event at U of M

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TPUSA Ozark Field Representative Anne-Elizabeth Matheny blasted a mob of activists calling for the University of Memphis to bar Kyle Rittenhouse from speaking on campus later this month.

“We cant take away free speech. Matheny told KWAM Friday. “We’re supposed to encourage all ideologies at a campus of diversity as everyone claims it is … but diversity means including conservative voices thoughts and ideals as well.”

Matheny called on U of M leadership to allow the event to happen — despite a slew of far-left alumni threatening to pull their donations from the institution.

“Obviously, if we do have administrative pullback, which we are kind of fearing with how everything is going,” she said. “I’m praying it doesn’t go that far.”

Former Shelby County Commissioner Tami Sawyer threatened to shut down the event if the school doesn’t pull it.

“I just hope that @uofmemphis knows that if they don’t shut this down, the people will,” Sawyer wrote on “X.”

Some social media users went even further, inciting violence against Rittenhouse.

“Drag his ass, Memphis,” one user posted — while another leftist wrote: “He don’t know he fina get booed and shit thrown at him I hope they steal his car he might get the MLK treatment.”

Sawyer is also leading an effort — along with the schools Black Lives Matter chapter — to snatch up all the tickets for the event so would-be attendees won’t get a seat.

Matheny urged free-speech advocates to show up and support their event in spite of the hatred rhetoric being lobbed by the left.

“We all need to have our backbones strong for this,” she added.

More information about “The Rittenhouse Recap” can be found on the chapters Facebook group here:

Listen to our conversation with Matheny below:



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