Virtual Camp in the Age of Coronavirus

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With the coronavirus pandemic having an impact on summer activities, camps are having to make serious adjustments.

Pinecrest Camp and Retreat Center in Moscow, Tennessee, is stepping up to the challenge.

Director of Video Production Katie Crenshaw tells “Wake Up Memphis” with Robyn Walensky about adjustments being made as the facility is planning  “a virtual” summer camp experience online.


“As long as your son or daughter is computer savvy, your child will be entertained from nine to five this summer,” Crenshaw says.

How are the camp counselors doing this?

Well, Pinecrest is getting creative using a combination of pre-recorded activities and three live Zoom check-ins every day.

“We have lots of arts and crafts projects,” she says, “and a lot of physical things that kids can do to stay active and out of their parents’ hair, yet still have a lot of fun doing it.”

Crenshaw says the camp is not setting a specific target age this summer but instead setting a “functioning” age. This means if your children can operate a website on an electronic device, they are good to go.

Pinecrest is making the camp as affordable as possible and encouraging a “pay-it-forward” program as well.

“It’s pay however much you can, basically the minimum fee is $35, you can pay more, depending if you want to sponsor another child to come to camp,” Crenshaw says.

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