WARZONE: Drive-By Shooting Caught on Camera During ‘Anti-Crime’ Interview

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A local “anti-crime” report from ABC 24 turned into a drive-by shooting in Whitehaven.

In the video, Yolanda is being interviewed and while spelling out her name, shots rang out and everybody dropped to the ground.

“Just stay down and get down,” she advised the camera crew.

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Yolanda stayed calm and thanked Jesus Christ for their safety.

“Thank you, Lord Jesus,” she said in the video.

“Alright. We should be alright,” she said moments later. “Drive-by? Yep, you saw it? The black car.”

ABC 24 reports the shooter was targeting an apartment complex across the street.

A once beautiful Memphis has turned into a warzone. With crime skyrocketing, locals are searching for answers.


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