WATCH: Students Clash with GOP Lawmaker Over Gun Control Laws

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Nashville students walked out of classrooms and made their way to the halls of the statehouse to push for gun control laws Monday.

Anti-gun activists pressed State Rep. William Lamberth (R) on why he’s not legislating red flag laws and banning semi-automatic weapons following last week’s Covenant School shooting.

“Why don’t we ban assault rifles? We don’t need those. Those are just for armies,” one student asked the GOP lawmaker.

“What do you feel like that would do to make us safer?” Lambert responded, before hushing the noisy students.

That’s when State Rep. Justin Jones (D), who filmed the interaction, interjected, yelling, “They want to hear from you! They want to hear from you!”

Lamberth quickly spun around and responded, hollering, “Yes, and we’ve heard enough from you, young man.”

Leftists called Lamberth’s fiery response “racist” on social media.

One user wrote, “Just replace ‘young man’ with ‘boy’ and it’ll be hard to distinguish 1963 from 2023. @brotherjones_is his peer, not some random “young man.”

Some commenters praised the Republican for engaging with the student activists.

“I gotta say, I’m really proud of @WilliamLamberth for going and talking with these kids. I probably disagree with what he said after but this is what those kids deserve,” another wrote.

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