“What Would Auntie Maxine Do?” Shelby County Commissioner Invokes Maxine Waters Name in Mask Controversy

by | May 18, 2020 | Coronavirus, Local News | 0 comments

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Shelby County Commissioner Tami Sawyer is invoking the name of leftists like Rep. Maxine Waters and Sen. Elizabeth Warren in her fight to force Memphians to wear masks.

Sawyer has faced massive blowback after introducing an ordinance that would punish business owners if they allowed shoppers into their businesses without wearing masks.

“I’ve been called stupid and absurd and told this is my last term. A man yelled at me at Home Depot (it was kinda funny). Apparently, I’m an overreaching libtard,” she wrote on a lengthy Facebook post. “Some of my colleagues are pushing overtime to kill the ordinance.”

She said the people who support the mandatory face mask law are silent because they don’t want any political backlash.

“My emails are full of suburban residents telling me I can’t make them wear a mask. I’m being accused of hating small business and restaurants,” the lawmaker wrote.

So instead of following the will of the people, Sawyer has decided to double down.

“I asked myself “what would Auntie Maxine do?”. She’d reclaim her time and fight for what she believes is right. What would Elizabeth Warren do? She’d persist. So, Monday, I will do the same. There is a new draft that will be introduced with clearer language, more details, and a small number of exemptions, but the body will be the same. If we are going to get back to business, we must put people first, because there is no business without people,” she wrote.

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