Why Can’t Trail Life USA Troops or Boy Scouts Place Flags at the Graves of Veterans?

by | May 19, 2020 | Coronavirus | 0 comments

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Mark Hancock, CEO of Trail Life USA, spoke with Robyn Walensky during “Wake Up Memphis” on KWAM The Mighty 990 about the decision by the Department of Veterans Affairs to ban public events at cemeteries because of coronavirus.

Groups like Trail Life USA and other groups have been barred from carrying out the mass flag placements at the graves of veterans.

Trail Life USA states on its website that its vision is “to be the premier national character national character development organization for young men which produces godly and responsible husbands, fathers, and citizens.” It is considered to be the Christian alternative to the Boy Scouts of America.

Hancock emphasized that their job is to pray for those government leaders. The group’s members, known as trailmen, are committed to still honoring veterans this year.

“How will we be able to look [the boys] in the eye,” Hancock said, “and tell them that we couldn’t figure out how to put masks on them and keep them six feet apart in a cemetery, to honor the ones that have gone before them, but now we need the same exceptional young men to execute a complex battle plan and possibly sacrifice their lives.”

He pointed out that young people are struggling the least against the virus, so they’re the best individuals to go the cemetery, and said that they can go one at a time, pray and tend to the tombstone.

“That one day will speak to him,” he said of the emotional impact on the trailmen during the flag placements.

Many troops are planning to visit local cemeteries, since the ban only pertains to national ones.

“You have to speak truth to power, that’s part of being an American,” Hancock added.

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