WTH! Cordova Grade School to Host Satan Club

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Local News

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A Cordova elementary school is about to host what is believed to be the Mid-South’s first satan club. Chimneyrock Elementary School will host the club in its library starting Jan. 10.

“After School Satan Club is coming to Tennessee,” read an announcement from The Satanic Temple. “Let’s have fun at After School Satan Club.”

The Satanic Temple said the club is not endorsed or sponsored by Memphis-Shelby County Schools.

A district spokesperson did not return calls seeking comment.

“My first reaction is we told you so,” said Kristin New of the Shelby County chapter of Moms For Liberty. “We said this would happen. We said that they were coming after your kids. They said we were liars and conspiracy theorists.”

But the Moms For Liberty correctly predicted that once you allow clubs that sexualize kids to meet on school property, the next step would be to welcome satanists.

“The forces of darkness are creeping in because we have allowed them to,” New told KWAM.

New said Republicans should reconsider their opposition to partisan school board elections.

“This is what happens when you allow Democrats to take over the schools,” she told KWAM. “We need to turn it around, get back to the basics and bring moral decency into our schools and communities.”

New called on parents and church leaders to stand up and join the fight.

“There is no more sitting on the sidelines in this war against good and evil when it comes to our children,” she told KWAM.


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