Black Pastor Blames White Supremacy for Actions of 5 Black Cops

by | Jan 22, 2023 | Local News | 0 comments

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A black Memphis pastor says white supremacy is to blame for the behavior of five black police officers who were fired after a black suspect died in a traffic stop.

Earle Fisher, the senior pastor of Abyssinian Baptist Church, told television station WREG the officers involved in the case of Tyre Nichols were not properly trained.

“This is about the system, about the white supremacist pathology that even black people can harbor and I think that is the case here,” Pastor Fisher told the television station.

Abyssinian Baptist Church declares itself as the “blackest church in Memphis” and a place to “rejuvenate those who maintain hope in the Black Messiah.”

“This is a majority black city and a majority-black county. we should expect the majority of these officers to reflect the racial demographics of the city and the county,” the pastor told WREG.

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“In other words, it’s always the white man’s fault,” said KWAM radio host Todd Starnes. “Unfortunately we have too many professional race agitators in this city who are disguised as preachers.

During his Sunday message, the pastor accused the officers of “murdering” Nichols.

Starnes accused Pastor Fisher of “desecrating the pulpit.”

“This man should be preaching about lives changed through a relationship with Jesus Christ,” Starnes said. “Instead, he’s spewing racially-charged nonsense.”

Starnes said it’s time for the Democrat-controlled city to set aside hateful rhetoric and to let the judicial process work.

“If the police officers were responsible for the death of Mr. Nichols, they should face the stiffest penalty that the law allows,” he said. “The badge is not a license to kill.”

Memphis Police, Mayor, Release Statement on Death of Tyre Nichols

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