Bonner Blasts Anti-Cop Activists

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Shelby County Sheriff Floyd Bonner is standing behind the deputy that was dragged through the streets of Memphis by Jarveon Hudspeth.

Bonner, who’s running for Memphis mayor, said he was “flustered” when anti-cop protesters blamed the unnamed deputy for shooting and killing Hudspeth. The incident happened on June 24th. Full story here:

“It shouldn’t of happened,” the Sheriff said. “We live in a society where everyone wants to challenge authority and this was relatively a simple stop and if he would have complied, we wouldn’t even be talking about this.”

The deputy has undergone three different surgeries, but has since been released from the hospital and now is in therapy, according to Bonner.

Activists have accused Bonner of covering up the officer-involved shooting. Civil rights attorney Ben Crump called on the Sheriff to hand over the body cam footage – ASAP.

Bonner said he’s “confident” the deputy did the right thing after viewing the body cam footage, promising to turn it over to the public as soon as the TBI’s investigation wraps up.

“We’re just asking for patience to give this officer time to recover from his injuries,” he added. “A lot of times we just want to skip over steps and it wasn’t fair to the officer or even to the suspect’s family for that video to be out without the investigation being completed.”

Listen to our full conversation with Sheriff Bonner below: 

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