Conservative Dem. Rep. John Deberry KICKED OUT of the “Inclusive” Party

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Memphis State Representative John Deberry is having to re-vamp his campaign website after being ousted by the Memphis Democratic Party.

“I have to start anew,” Deberry tells “Wake Up Memphis” with Robyn Walensky.

Deberry represented  District 90 from 1995 until this past April, and now he’s being forced to run as an independent after democrats kicked him off the party’s ballot.


A registered democrat since 1970, Deberry has always been conservative when it comes to social issues.

“I believe in life, I’m not one who believes the platform should include the taking of the life of unborn children,” Deberry says. “I have always stood for the sanctity of marriage being between a man and a woman.”

Deberry says what the Democrats in Memphis are trying to do is obvious to him.

“I think the agenda is to sanitize the democratic party to where it is a mindless group of folks who simply follow an agenda that is placed before them.,” Deberry tells Morning Host Robyn Walensky.

“I see them going backwards trying to sanitize the country. We are going down a dangerous path. We’re on a slippery slope that’s going to lead us exactly where our enemies said we were going to be in the ’60s,” Deberry tells “Wake Up Memphis.”

“I can remember Khrushchev saying that he was going to take America without firing a shot, he was going to pit us against one another, blacks against whites, the rich against the poor, the north against the south, the religious against the non-religious, so on and so forth. And even Abraham Lincoln did not originate this Jesus originated this, that a house divided against itself, cannot stand.”


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