Dr. Manny Sethi Slams Tami Sawyer: “You Can’t Start Shutting Businesses Down and Penalizing People.”

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Dr. Manny Sethi, a Republican running for the U.S. Senate, dropped by KWAM The Mighty 990 today in a giant “Tennessee Orange” bus. Sethi was a guest on the nationally-syndicated Todd Starnes Radio Show. Dr. Sethi weighed in on a number of hot-button issues – including the recent controversy over face masks.

Sethi is an orthopedic trauma surgeon and associate professor at a trauma care hospital in Nashville. During the coronavirus pandemic, campaigning has been difficult. However, Sethi said that now that Tennessee is getting back to work, it’s time to get back on the campaign trail.

One of the main issues facing Memphis during the coronavirus pandemic is the proposed ordinance by Tami Sawyer, Shelby County Commissioner, that wants to require businesses to mandate masks on customers. Otherwise, they would face a $50 fine.

While Sethi said wearing a mask is a good idea if you’re at risk personally or in a high-density place with the virus, he can’t stand governments scaring people into doing what they want.

“You can’t start shutting businesses down and penalizing people,” he said, “I mean that’s just crazy.”

With all the monetary incentives for people to stay home right now, people feel they’re risking less than if they went back to work. This is making jumpstarting the economy an even tougher task.

“The problem with the Democrats and the Left is that they’re driving this socialist agenda,” Sethi said.

For America to get back to its bolstered economy that existed before the coronavirus pandemic, it’s up to the individuals to make it happen.

“It is the private sector economy, small businesses in Tennessee, that gotta get jumpstarted again,” Sethi said, “and once we do that, we’ll be on the move.”

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