John DeBerry Says There’s no Room in AOC’s New Democratic Party

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Longtime Tennessee Democrat John DeBerry is now being forced to run as an Independent candidate in the upcoming November election after he was kicked off the ballot.
DeBerry tells ‘Wake Up Memphis’ with Robyn Walensky the real reason he believes he was tossed off the ballot by the Democrats is that he is Conservative and pro-life.
DeBerry tells Walensky, “AOC, (D-NY) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s new Democratic party doesn’t have room for conservatives like me.”
“I received a letter that basically said there was a group called the executive committee,” DeBerry tells ‘Wake Up Memphis,’ “and they were going to have a vote in the next 48 hours to make a determination that I was not a Democrat and, therefore, put me off the ballot that I had already qualified to be on.”
DeBerry says ‘Progressives’ have hijacked the party that his relatives were a part of and now it “certainly isn’t democratic” anymore.
“This was made very clear to me, that the party has evolved,” he tells Walensky. “What I have run on since 1994, is Conservative values, there is nobody in my district who doesn’t  know that I believe in life, there is no one in my district who doesn’t know that I believe in the Bible, the biblical stand on morality, the biblical stand on ethics, on marriage.”
DeBerry says he’s received support from other conservative Democrats across the county and that he is moving forward with his campaign as he runs for TN State Representative in District 90.

Deberry represented District 90 from 1995 until this past April, and now he’s being forced to run as an Independent after Democrats kicked him off the party’s ballot.

A registered Democrat since 1970, Deberry has always been conservative when it comes to social issues.
“I believe in life, I’m not one who believes the platform should include the taking of the life of unborn children,” Deberry says. “I have always stood for the sanctity of marriage being between a man and a woman.”

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