SHELBY COUNTY GOP: “Don’t Let COVID Take Your Vote.”

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The Executive Director of the Shelby County Republican Party Kristina Garner tells ‘Wake Up Memphis’ with Robyn Walensky the enthusiasm for the November general election is “just starting to gain momentum.”

She tells ‘Wake Up Memphis’ there’s lots of enthusiasm for President Trump, despite what you hear in the Mainstream Media.

“We have almost run out of Trump merchandise,” Garner says. “I had to place another order yesterday, we have so many people coming in asking for stickers, yard signs, MAGA and KAG Keep America Great hats.”

Garner tells Walensky she doesn’t believe the polls which show Trump trailing Democrat Joe Biden by 15 points.

“It’s the same thing they tried 4 years ago,” she tells Walensky, “to downplay Trump, to throw anything they can into the mix to make people believe that no, Trump’s going away, no one’s going to be voting for him. All I see is a level of enthusiasm that is growing daily.”

Locally, staff working at polling places are doing everything they can to keep facilities clean. Voters even get to keep the pen they use at the polls in an effort to stop the virus from spreading. Garner says voters aren’t allowed to walk into polling locations without a mask on, and social distancing is being strictly enforced.

Early voting continues in Shelby County through Aug. 1, and election day is Aug 6. Garner says, “don’t let COVID take your vote!”

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