Sen. Marsha Blackburn Drops Possible Durham Report Date on Wake Up Memphis

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In an exclusive interview with ‘Wake Up Memphis’ with Robyn Walensky Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn reacts to Joe Biden’s VP pick of California senator Democrat Kamala Harris who supports open borders, sanctuary cities, socialized medicine, AOC’s Green New Deal and is against fracking.

“This is the most radical, left-leaning ticket the Democratic party has ever put forward,” Blackburn tells ‘Wake Up Memphis,’ “and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have sold out to the Left.”


While Democrats have been busy dealing with Joe Biden’s blunders from the basement, Senator Blackburn who sits on the Judiciary Committee has been hard at work on Capitol Hill. She makes news on ‘Wake Up Memphis’ this morning regarding the Durham report and when it is going to drop. When asked by Walensky “will it be the October Surprise?” Blackburn answers “I think you’re probably going to see it, my guess would be around the first of September.”

Blackburn says once the Durham report is released, the committee will most likely be calling former FBI  Director James Comey to testify about a host of topics including but not limited too, the original FISA warrant, the dossier, and the Russia Investigation which ultimately found no collusion between the Russians and the Trump 2016 Campaign.

Blackburn says it is significant the committee heard sworn testimony from Sally Yates the former Deputy Attorney General under President Barack Obama.

“Somebody was creating this situation, dealing with false information, choosing to change those documents and emails,” Blackburn says, “and had [Yates] known they were false, she would not have signed the FISA warrant. She was trusting people that they were giving her the correct information.”

On background, John Durham, the U.S. Attorney for Connecticut, has been  tapped to investigate

the circumstances surrounding the 2016 investigation of the Trump Campaign’s alleged connections with Russia, an undertaking which includes an investigation into the activities of both the FBI, and the probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Reports indicate Durham is also investigating circumstances surrounding the unmasking of Michael Flynn, and activities in Ukraine that include the alleged activities of Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden and the enormous amounts of money he received while his father was Vice President during the Obama Administration.

Senator Blackburn also has a new book out, Camilla Can Vote: Celebrating the Centennial of Women’s Right to Vote.

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