“Many in the black community were led to believe the Democrat Party was their savior.” – Charlotte Bergmann

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Republican congressional candidate Charlotte Bergmann is calling for black voters across Memphis to leave the Democrat plantation and send Rep. Steve “Finger Lickin'” Cohen packing.

“We should never have gone there in the first place,” Bergmann said during an interview on the Todd Starnes Radio Show. “Many in the black community were led to believe the Democrat Party was their savior.”

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Bergmann, who retired from FedEx, said she is a rock-solid Trump supporter who wants to “Keep America Great.”

But the key to winning is to convince the city’s mostly Democrat base to reconsider their political allegiance.

“There are more and more people who are walking away from the feckless Democrat Party,” she said. “A lot of black people here are not happy with Steve Cohen.”

Cohen, who once blocked me on Twitter, has brought shame and embarrassment to the good people of West Tennessee.

He once compared the president’s rallies to the Nazis.

“It was more reminiscent of Germany during the beginnings of the Hitler regime,” he once told MSNBC.

And then there was they day that he showed up for a committee meeting with a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and gnawed a piece of poultry flesh on national television.

It was disgusting.

“The mere fact that he took a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken in the Judiciary Committee to attempt to embarrass our AG William Barr is synonymous to him eating watermelon and chicken – and we call that a racist act.”

She ticked off a long list of Cohen’s bad behavior and agreed with my assessment that he’s as mean as a snake.

“He is evil personified. There are some things I can’t tell you,” Bergmann said.

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