‘I don’t intimidate easily’: TN Senator Blasts Leftists for Doxxing Family

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Sen. Brent Taylor (R-Memphis) slammed radical Democrats for doxxing his family over the weekend.

“If these people think they can intimidate me by doxxing my family and me, they are sadly mistaken. I don’t intimidate easily,” Taylor wrote on “X” Sunday.

Taylor’s response came a day after Decarcerate Memphis, a group of far-left Democrats, posted photos of the Taylor’s home — blasting the outspoken Republican for profiting “off violence and death.”

“Don’t forget that Brent Taylor owns a funeral home and literally profits off violence and death. This is the guy that thinks he knows how to “make memphis matter,” the activists wrote in a social media post. “Do you think he’s in touch with the wants and needs of the average Memphian? We say… no.. ”

Taylor continued: “The amount of BS someone has to go through to stand up for regular, law-abiding people and make our community safe is ridiculous!”

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