Memphis Pastor Pushes for Reparations in Shelby County

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A Memphis pastor called for reparations for descendants of slaves in the Volunteer State.

Rev. Earle Fisher, a far-left pastor at Abyssinian Baptist Church, is leading the charge —  filing a petition against a bill that would ban the study of reparations in Tennessee.

“This is not about money. This is about ideology. This is about political power,” the pastor told WREG – TV.

Pastor Fisher blasted Sen. Brent Taylor (R-Shelby County) for filing the legislation that would prohibit governments taking taxpayers dollars to fund reparations.

“This is about people who are hell-bent on maintaining racial and economic inequities across the state and they are scared to death that the truth would come out. So, they don’t want anybody to study it.,” Fisher added.

The pastor’s petition had over 500 signatures within two days of creating it, according to Channel 3.

Sen. Taylor called it “inappropriate” to take federal dollars to funnel into studies and programs that compensate descendants of slaves.

“That is a very significant and very important issue for many people in our country, but it is an issue that belongs to the federal government and does not belong to our cities and counties,” Sen. Taylor said on the Senate floor. “I think it’s inappropriate for our cities and counties tax dollars to go to such an issue.”

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