Mulroy’s Office Tied to Radical Leftist Groups Who Want to Eliminate Bail

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Local News

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A Republican state lawmaker is alleging that District Attorney Steve Mulroy has signed agreements with a number of radical leftwing organizations whose “stated goals are to redefine justice and eliminate bail,” KWAM has learned exclusively.

If true, it would explain why so many dangerous criminals and repeat offenders have been set loose on the streets of Memphis.

Sen. Brent Taylor, who has become a fierce critic of the district attorney’s office, is calling on the Tennessee District Attorneys Conference to provide documentation between Mulroy and the Justice Innovation Lab, the Vera Institute and Just City.


Justice Innovation Lab is committed to decreasing prosecutions of criminals. The other two groups are focused on eliminating bail. And Taylor claims the district attorney’s office has agreements in place with all three organizations.

“Memphians have a right to know if the agreements between the DA’s office and these outside groups are inconsistent with state laws and policies,” Taylor said in an exclusive statement to KWAM. “The District Attorney’s job is to further his prosecutorial duties, not embark on a restorative justice campaign.”

Taylor is calling on the Tennessee District Attorney’s Conference to answer the following questions:

  • Does Just City play an outsized role in the restorative justice schemes being advanced by the DA’s office and our local judicial system?
  • Do they have exclusive access to real-time bail data?
  • What advance knowledge do they have in shaping information released to the public?
  • Do they analyze and manipulate data for the DA before it is released?
  • Have other groups been denied access to the same data that is provided to Just City?

Taylor says the reforms proposed by the groups Mulroy has partnered with conflict with state law – and that’s a big problem.

“This undermines the will of Tennesseans through their elected representatives and is making Shelby County significantly more dangerous,” Taylor told KWAM. “Our citizens deserve to know if they are being used in a restorative justice experiment.”

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