Radical Dem Lawmakers Booted from Committees for Breaking Rules

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The Tennessee General Assembly punished two radical progressive lawmakers Monday for breaking House floor rules last week.

Rep. Justin Jones (D-Nashville) and Rep. Gloria Johnson (D-Knoxville) were kicked off their committees after they brought a megaphone onto the floor as hundreds of their supporters clashed with law enforcement, the Tennessee Holler first reported.

Rep. Justin Pearson (D-Memphis) was with the duo on the house floor. No word on his punishment at this time.

The Holler shared the official notice served to Johnson:

You have been removed from all House standing committees and subcommittees and any committees on which you serve as designee.

House Speaker Cameron Sexton (R) accused the far-left trio’s stunt on the house floor of distracting from the six people that lost their life during the Nashville School shooting one week ago.

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