BLM Activist Pamala Moses Likens Herself to Moses, Vows to Free Memphians

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Black Lives Matter activist Pamala Moses is running for US Senate — as a Republican.

Moses made national headlines after she was jailed for voting illegally. The far-left activist also founded the Black Lives Matter chapter in Memphis.

“I did pull a republican petition for this candidacy,” Moses told WREG TV. “I was a Democrat for 30 years but in the interest in the culture shift for which you see here, real people. I have conservative values but I am progressive enough to submit my independent petition because I believe that independence is what this country needs. We need people more focused on the issues and the causes and not the parties.”

Moses liked herself to Moses in the Bible, a man who led the Israelites out of bondage. Ms. Moses believes she can do the same.

“And I know in that Bible, the first five books that were written was written by a man named Moses. The same name I happen to have,” Moses said in a live stream posted to Facebook. “When God gave Moses the 10 commandments, the first thing He said from the burning bush was ‘Thou shalt not kill.'”


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