Brent Taylor: Crime is the No. 1 issue on the Aug 4th Ballot

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Brent Taylor, who is running for Tennessee state senator in District 31, said crime is the number one issue this election season.

“Crime is the number one issue in this community. And it’s not only a public safety issue, but it’s also an economic development issue,” Taylor told Wake Up Memphis Thursday morning.

Taylor started public life as a Memphis city councilman in 1995. After serving on the city council and the Shelby County Commission, he turned to the private sector, starting and running a successful funeral business.

Listen to our full conversation with Taylor below: 

“Back when I was on the city council, I did not own a business. It was merely theoretical or academic. But now that I’ve lived that real-life experience as a business owner and understand what a burden government can be to a business owner, I think I’ll be even more effective as a state senator than it was as a city councilman,” he said.

Taylor is running unopposed in the Republican primary, but fellow Republicans like DA incumbent Amy Weirich and mayoral candidate Worth Morgan are in the middle of heated, contested races.

“One of the reasons my voice is weak… I have been out stumping for Amy Weirich and Worth Morgan and Steve Basar and all the Republican nominees because this is a really critical election as it relates to the DA’s race,” Taylor said, before endorsing Weirich.


The businessman has been a vocal supporter of the new Truth in Sentencing law, telling KWAM, “If you commit a crime, that if you plan a violent crime, then you can plan on serving all that time.”

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