Carpenter: Tennessee Three Are Not Doing Their Jobs

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The Tennessee Three may be getting White House invites and national attention but they are not doing their jobs, KWAM contributor Jordan Carpenter told “Wake Up Memphis” Monday.

With the media attention Tennessee State Reps. Gloria Johnson, Justin Jones and Justin Pearson are getting, Carpenter isn’t buying their words about making positive change.

“We had significant bi-partisan legislation that passed both houses securing schools, granting money, trying to solve the problem. They were the only no-votes, plus Torrey Harris,” Carpenter told KWAM host Todd Starnes.

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Part of the job in the House is to cultivate relationships across the aisle, regardless of who controls it, to work together to push legislation. Carpenter said they aren’t doing that either.

“When you are in the minority and there’s a super majority for the other party, you have to be persuasive, winsome, well-liked by your colleagues in order to push anything forward,” he said. “To take a blowtorch to the relationships that take place in the General Assembly and just say all that has to go out the window, it’s all about me, I think that Democrats resent that.”


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