Commissioner: TN GOP ‘Strung Up the N-Word’

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Shelby County Commissioner Brittany Thornton is accusing Tennessee Republicans of lynching the two black lawmakers who got kicked out of office for breaking House rules.

Thornton spewed her hateful remarks on social media following the House vote that booted Justin Pearson (D-Memphis) and Justin Jones (D-Nashville) from their seats Thursday.

State Rep. Gloria Johnson (D-Knoxville) survived being expelled by one vote courtesy of Rep. John Gillespie (R-Memphis).

“Where did the white woman go? Baby, I’m just trying to figure out, like, you really somehow justified in your vote that you were gonna string up the n*** and let the white woman go?” Thornton said in the Facebook video below.

Thornton infamously accused her Republican colleague Commissioner Amber Mills of triggering her because she was white.

Mills told KWAM Friday Thornton and other commissioners are twisting the expulsion vote into the latest attack against Republicans in the state.

“I’m hating that some of my colleagues are reacting immediately like that before realizing the consequences of what could happen if we do send Justin Pearson back to Nashville,” Mills said.

Mills continued: “They don’t want facts. They don’t want information to help inform them.”

Pearson represented District 86.

Mills explained Gov. Bill Lee (R) must declare Pearson’s seat vacant. Then commissioners will appoint a replacement to fulfill the rest of the term.

Pearson would only need seven commissioner’s support to send him back to Nashville.

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