Rep. John Rose: ‘Biden Still Doesn’t Know Laken Riley’s Name’

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Representative John Rose (R-TN) slammed President Joe Biden for gaffing the name of the young nursing student who was allegedly killed by an illegal immigrant.

During the State of the Union Thursday, Biden referred to Laken Riley as “Lincoln Riley.”

“This showed the President’s inability to get off script,” Rep. Rose told KWAM Friday. “He still doesn’t know her name and that’s shameful.”

Rep. Rose doubled down on his criticism of Biden’s wide-open border policy.

“The invasion at the Souther border is not some sort of failure of policy… it is the policy of this administration to have an open border and to allow these folks to come into country,” the Republican lawmaker said. “The policy is working magnificently if that’s what you want to achieve.”

Listen to our full conversation with Rep. Rose below:

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