‘Don’t Change Your Life,’ Rep Says to Memphians Concerned about Crime

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Tennessee Representative Antonio Parkinson (D-Memphis) told KWAM Thursday Memphians cannot live in fear despite the surge of violent crime.

“I hope that we do not go down a path of changing our lives for because of what is an extreme minority… that commit these violent crimes,” Parkinson told “Wake Up Memphis” hosts Ben Deeter and Todd Starnes. “We can’t give them a win like that.”

Parkinson said he’s fed up with violent crime like the mass shooting that occurred over the weekend in downtown.

“There has to be a hard and concerted effort to rid ourselves of this situation that we are in,” he said.

One solution Parkinson is bringing to the upcoming special session called by Gov. Bill Lee (R) is punishing adults who pressure and equip teenagers to commit violent crimes.

The bill filed Tuesday would charge adults who coerce teenagers to commit violent crimes — as well as the minor.

Listen to our full conversation with Rep. Parkinson below:


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