This is a drag debut for Noah Nordstrom, a co-organizer for the event, and he has on black tights, a red blouse and a black-and-white houndstooth blazer. Marsha P. Blackburn’s act consists of a comedy skit in which she pans the real-life Blackburn for her financial ties to private prisons and the National Rifle Association, and follows it up with a lip-synced rendition of Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money.”

Nordstrom, who is 25 and has a blond, Thor-like mane and a cheery disposition, says he invited Williamson to the event via Twitter DM, going out on a limb, and she accepted. She’s the closing act tonight, and when she takes the stage, she quotes the Declaration of Independence and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. If the government is not helping to secure liberty, she says, then: “It is the right. Of the people” — and here her voice drops an octave for emphasis — “to alter it.”

Tennessee Young Democrat President George Boyington gave Nordstrom a ringing endorsement.

“I’m supporting Tennessee Young Democrats endorsed candidate Noah Nordstrom for TN House of Representatives District 83,”  Boyington said in a released statement.