FLETCHER: Investigators Going Door-to-Door Searching For Video Evidence

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DEVELOPING: TBI Investigators are asking residents near the McDonald’s on Perkins for any video footage to help find the kidnapped jogger.

A resident in the area told KWAM exclusively they got a knock on their door this evening asking them to turn over video footage from their security cameras.

“Yes, they were knocking on doors of houses with cameras to see if we had anything helpful on our Ring,” the resident said to The Mighty 990. “They told us to review our footage from yesterday [Friday] 4:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and send them anything valuable via a phone number they left with us.”

Earlier today,  a Facebook user posted photos of the McDonald’s on Perkins. She says a staffer told her that clothes were found in a dumpster that may be connected to the kidnapped jogger.


Watch below: The Fletcher Family released a video statement to the public Saturday.


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