Former Memphis Police Association President Blasts City Council

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Micheal Williams, the former Memphis Police Association president, called out the city council Tuesday for bowing down to anti-cop activists instead of protecting law-abiding citizens.

“Sometimes I have to ask ‘What are they doing up there? Why are they placating? Who are they catering to?'” Williams told KWAM. “It’s almost like everybody is afraid to say what needs to be said.”

During an appearance on “Wake Up Memphis,” Williams announced he’s running for city council to be the pro-police, tough-on-crime voice in the city,

“We need to fight crime in this city. Everybody is tip-toeing and skirting around the issue while everybody is being victimized,” he said.

Williams grew up in North Memphis. After graduating high school, he joined the U.S. Army and served for 21 years before retiring as an intelligence warrant officer and joining MPD in 1999.

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“I grew up poor. I grew up in the projects, but it made me want to become a better person and have a better life because there were consequences for your actions and you were held accountable,” he told co-hosts Ben Deeter and Todd Starnes.

Williams called on city leaders to lobby for stronger sentencing laws in Nashville, instead of kowtowing to the loud group of anti-cop activists at city hall.

“Listen to the majority you represent and not the forty who come down there because we have citizens living in fear,” he said. “Those forty individuals waving the signs do not represent the majority of the city of Memphis.”

Listen to the full conversation with Micheal Williams below:


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