JW Gibson Throws Shade at Herenton: ‘Let Him Take His Bored Ass Home’

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Businessman and Mayoral Candidate JW Gibson slammed former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton for refusing to show up at candidate forums.

Herenton has snubbed each one of the forums this election cycle – instead choosing to sit down a handful of local journalists one-on-one.

Gibson called Herenton’s campaign style “insulting” to Memphis voters.

“I’ve heard him say… that he would be bored. How insulting to the citizens of Memphis,” Gibson told KWAM host Ben Deeter. “Let him take his bored ass home and sit down somewhere and be about enjoying life at 83.”

Herenton addressed his age Tuesday on KWAM, saying it shows he’s experienced and ready to tackle the city’s challenges on day one.

“At 83, if you want to come and walk several miles with me, go to the gym with me then let’s get it on,” Herenton said. “I’m not your typical 83 year-old. I’m not a Joe Biden.”

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