Memphis Mayoral Candidate: Police Chief Davis Has to Go

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City councilman Frank Colvett told KWAM if he becomes the next mayor of Memphis, police chief CJ Davis is getting the heave ho.

“After Tyre Nichols and all that’s gone on especially after the last year, we just need a fresh start,” Colvett said, when asked by KWAM host Todd Starnes if he’d fire Davis if elected as mayor in October.

Davis is under fire for her handling of the Tyre Nichols’ investigation.

The mayoral candidate added: “CJ is my friend but at the end of the day, this mayor cannot go forward and I don’t know that she would want to go forward with the same leadership.”

Colvett told “Wake Up Memphis” the culture within the police department is corrupt and needs reform.

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“Police culture trumps police. And that is unacceptable because that’s how you get a Tyre Nichols incident happening,” he said.

The councilman also vowed that under a Colvett administration the ranks of the police department will be full.

“Our recruiting numbers, they have to go up. That is the difference between me and everyone else,” Colvett said. “I will hit 2,300 in our first four years. Remember the statement, record it.”

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The police department is around 500 officers short of where it should be to be fully staffed.

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