Mississippi State Rep: Time To Talk To Your Politicians Is Now And Daily

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A Mississippi State Representative says citizen apathy has to go!  Steve Hopkins of District 7 and the Mississippi Freedom Caucus, joined Wake Up Memphis today.

Hopkins says elected officials have become too comfortable on the job and aren’t being held very accountable for their votes.  He recommended listeners become very active, communicating with representatives directly and frequently.  He provided links below to help you find and grade your local officials.

How do I find out how my Legislators conservative score?

Ratings.conservative.org will also show you how your US Legislators scored.  It gives a score on just how conservative your state actually is as a whole. It gives scores by year and Lifetime scores. Click on your state.

How do I find out who my State Legislators are? Links to legislator’s page, it shows votes, shows bills they sponsored. etc: 


Listen to the entire interview with Steve Hopkins.

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