More Gun Laws Will Stop Violent Criminals, Memphis Lawmaker Says

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A top Democratic lawmaker proposed a bill that would add strict gun laws for Memphians in an effort to reduce lawlessness.

Sen. London Lamar (Memphis) told WMC TV that people need permits to carry a firearm similar to a person getting behind the wheel of a car.

Read what Lamar said for yourself:

She also compared guns to cars — saying we make sure citizens go through a written and physical driving test before they get behind the wheel of a potentially dangerous vehicle, and she says owning a gun should be no different — WMC TV report

Her legislation, Senate Bill 1686, would make it illegal for a law abiding citizen to carry a gun without a permit in Shelby County — which completely contradicts Tennessee’s permit less carry law.

Tennessee became a permitless carry state in 2021, allowing for open and concealed carrying of handguns without a permit.

“Right now, we don’t have the necessary investments on the preventive side to stop it immediately, but something we can do right now is allow local government bodies to require permitting within the county to own a gun,” Lamar said.

Lamar claims to be a supporter of the Second Amendment, but forgets that bearing arms is right — driving a car is a privilege.

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