Paul Young Invites Mayors of America’s Most Dangerous Cities to Memphis 

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The mayor of America’s most dangerous city invited the mayors of other violent, crime-ridden cities to Memphis in an effort to reduce crime.

Memphis Mayor Paul Young welcomed over 21 black mayors across the nation, including Mayor Eric Adams from New York City, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson and Mayor Karen Bass from Los Angeles.

Young termed the group of liberal mayors The Black Mayors’ Coalition on Crime  — described as an “initiative to harness the collective power of black mayors across the nation to fight crime.”

“For the first time in history, we have an unprecedented number of black mayors in some of our biggest cities: Mayor Adams in New York City, Mayor Bass in Los Angeles, and Mayor Johnson in Chicago, to name a few,” said Young in a statement.  “Not to mention hundreds of others, like myself who represent millions of Americans in small-to-medium and large-sized cities across the country. Many of these leaders come from the communities most affected by crime, so they have a unique perspective on solving it.”

Mayor Adams praised Young, saying “I applaud Mayor Young for convening the Black Mayors Coalition on Crime to have an honest conversation around protecting our cities and delivering peace of mind at a time when our communities need it most.”

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