Public Library Invites Kids to Wear Pajamas With Sexually Explicit Books

by | Sep 11, 2023 | Local News, Uncategorized

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A taxpayer-funded library in Bartlett, Tennessee, is under fire over plans they had to host a pajama party for children where they were going to be shown sexually explicit picture books.

“I was shocked when I learned of this event from a concerned mom,” Shelby County Commissioner Mick Wright told KWAM, a news-talk radio station in Memphis.

According to the event description, Memphis Public Libraries wanted children as young as 13-years-old to “channel their inner children and come read some of the most controversial picture books of the year.”

The event was part of the library’s “Democracy, Diversity and Discourse” program and was scheduled to be held at the Bartlett Library – a suburb of Memphis. Click here to join Todd’s private Facebook group for America First patriots.

There was also going to be a contest and the winner would receive a copy of “Gender Queer” a flat-out pornographic book that has caused national outrage in school libraries across the nation.

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Commissioner Wright told KWAM’s Ben Deeter that he was repulsed by the announcement of the event, which had been organized by a failed Bartlett school board candidate who had been endorsed by the Democrats.

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“They’re wanting 13-year-olds to come in their sleepwear to look at sexually explicit pictures together,” Wright said, noting that snacks were also going to be provided. “They’re luring kids in with snacks to look at these suggestive pictures. It’s very disturbing.”

Once Commissioner Wright, a Republican, exposed the library’s nefarious plans, the event was canceled.

“Thankfully, there are at least some adults in the library system that saw this was inappropriate,” the lawmaker said.

The level of indoctrination here is incredible, Deeter said.

“Nobody is banning anything. We’re saying are these age-appropriate materials,” the radio station host said.

I’m glad the library canceled the event, but there’s still one question burning in my mind. Why would grown adults invite children dress up in their pajamas and invite them to an after-hours library party where you expose them to sexually-explicit materials?

Had something like that happened at a private citizen’s home, the organizer would have been arrested, publicly shamed and charged with sex crimes.

I reached out to Memphis Public Libraries to see if they could answer my question. I’ll let you know when they respond to my petition.

President Trump wrote the introduction to Todd’s new book. Click here to pre-order a copy of “Twilight’s Last Gleaming: Can America Be Saved?”

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