‘REHIRE OR FIRE?’ City Council Decides Fate of Police Chief CJ Davis

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The Memphis City Council will decide the fate of Police Chief CJ Davis Tuesday.

Chief Davis needs a majority of the council members support — something Davis did not have over two weeks ago.

Seven out of 13 council members voted to fire Davis earlier this month.

Mayor Paul Young has stood behind his pick, telling the city Davis is the right person to lead MPD.

KWAM listeners, though, disagree.

“She getting paid more than the Mayor. She have done a poor job and she should be fired. But watch this cowardly city council vote to keep her,” wrote Eric.

Mike added: “She was an incompetent unqualified 3 time loser before we hired her!”

In a poll conducted ahead of today’s vote, KWAM listeners overwhelming rejected Davis. See full poll here:

68% of the respondents said Davis should be fired, while only 3% said she would keep her job.

The final vote will go before the city council today at 3:30 p.m.

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