Rob Reiner Partners With ‘WokeVangelicals’ to Shame Christians Who Love US

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A bunch of very prominent evangelical Christians will appear in a Rob Reiner documentary attacking Christians who love their country.

It’s called God and Country. You will be hearing a lot about this film in the coming days.

And if your pastor supports the message – that God and Country. don’t mix – your pastor is woke.

Russell Moore, David French and Veggie Tales creator Phil Vischer are among the woke evangelicals featured in the documentary.

“Christian Nationalism is not only a danger to our Country, it’s a danger to Christianity itself,” Reiner tweeted.

Here’s how The Hollywood Reporter described the film:

In God & Country, religious leaders and scholars, journalists and historians sound off about the threat of a movement which infuses Christian dogma with far-right politics. At the same time, the documentary seems to strive to make a distinction between the positive aspects of Christianity and the political-fueled variety.

Hollywood Reporter

“This is not a movement about Christian values, this is about Christian power,” says one anti-Trump participant, while another notes, “Christianity at its best is committed to love and truth and justice. If we do this right, what a country we will be.”

This movie is nothing more than an attempt to shame Christians into not participating in the 2024 presidential election. It’s Trump Derangement Syndrome on steroids.


And shame on people like Russell Moore of Christianity Today and David French and Phil Vischer for lending their names and voices to this putrid piece of left-wing propaganda.

President Trump was the most pro-life president in modern America history and he was a fierce defender of religious liberty.

And the idea that Christians cannot ascribe to the belief that America is the most exceptional nation on the planet or that God as blessed our great nation is a lie from the pit of Hell.

Let me be clear – it is not a sin for a Christian to love America and anyone who says otherwise is a liberal – and probably a heathen meathead.

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