Sen. Brent Taylor Focuses on Crime, Public Safety for Session 2024

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Fighting crime is State Sen. Brent Taylor’s (R) top priority as lawmakers got back to work Tuesday for the 2024 legislation session.

Taylor told KWAM Tuesday he’s drafting legislation to hold parents accountable for crimes committed by their children.

“Parents in many cases are benefiting from the criminal activities of their children, which is why they aren’t doing anything to control their kids,” Taylor said. “Until we begin to hold parents accountable, we are going to continue to these young 14, 15, 16 year-old-kids committing crime.”

The Republican lawmaker stressed the importance of passing blended sentencing, a law that allows juvenile criminals to serve both juvenile and adult sentences.

Taylor told “Wake Up Memphis” host Ben Deeter he plans on crafting legislation that would block the Memphis city council from banning pretextual traffic stops.

“There’s nothing pretextual about it,” Taylor said. “You’re either breaking the law or you’re not and the police have the ability to pull you over.”

Listen to our full conversation with Sen. Taylor below:

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