Shelby County Dems Raise Concerns Over Legitimacy of Election Results

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Democrats in Shelby County raised concerns over the credibility of the election returns as ballots were delayed Thursday night, The Daily Memphian reports.

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Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris (D), who is facing challenge Republican Worth Morgan, expressed his frustration over the early vote numbers not being released in a timely manner.

“There’s no reason we can’t have an early voter number right now,” Harris said.

“The decision makers — the Shelby County Election Commission — (need) to release the early voting tally because we know the longer it takes to get results, the more suspicious the process becomes. So let’s have credibility in the process, fairness in the process, and timely release of results,” Harris added.

Attorneys for Harris and Democrat District Attorney candidate Steve Mulroy spoke to media to ask why tapes were not immediately posted at each precinct.

Gabby Salinas, Shelby County Democrat Party chairwoman, told the outlet a readout from tapes was not posted as required at two precincts.

National radio host Todd Starnes commented on the story.

“Utter chaos in Memphis after the Election Commission botched the results,” Starnes said. “Polls have been closed for hours and not even early votes have been released. Democrats are enraged — the irony being — Democrats control everything in Memphis.”

The Daily Memphian reports that election day turnout was estimated at around 40,000, which is less than half of early voting turnout. If those estimates turn out to be accurate, it doesn’t look good for Republicans in the major races.

This is a developing story.

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