Taylor: My Opponent Is a Typical Democrat – She Spends Other People’s Cash

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State Senate District 31 candidate Brent Taylor (R) is setting the record straight after his opponent called him out-of-touch because of the money sitting in his bank account.

Ruby Powell-Dennis (D) attacked the successful business owner for funding his campaign instead of sharing his wealth to fund projects across the city.

“Brent Taylor had enough money to put $350,000 of his own money into his campaign,” Powell-Dennis said during a dinner to Shelby County Democrats. “We all know how many people need help paying MLGW bills… there is so much good that could’ve been done, but my opponent chose to use that money for his own personal and for his own power position in the legislature.”

Taylor, a successful business owner, told Wake Up Memphis Wednesday he’s fine using his own resources rather than using other people’s money — something Powell-Dennis is very good at.

“My opponent is a typical Democrat. You can tell right from the start that she is really good at spending other people’s money,” Taylor told KWAM News Anchor Ben Deeter.  

He continued: “First of all, it is my money that I’ve earned. I’m putting it in a campaign so that others don’t have to do that, so they can get good conservative leadership in Nashville without having to make a contribution themselves in a bad economy.”

District 31 covers most of East Memphis and the western edge of Collierville.

Election day is only 51 days away.

Listen to the full conversation with Taylor below: 

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