The Mighty 990 Will Offer Free Advertising to Small Business in Mid-South

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Coronavirus, Local News | 0 comments

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THE MIGHTY 990 KWAM is offering small businesses across Memphis a free week of advertising. It’s just one significant way the news and talk radio station is lending a helping hand to the community during the global pandemic.

“We’ve covered the stories of neighbors and small businesses in this community sacrificing to help in this fight against our invisible enemy,” Starnes Media Group CEO Dalton Glasscock said. “These people, their businesses’ and their stories, have inspired us to do what we can, to help them and other businesses that need an extra hand during this time.”


THE MIGHTY 990 KWAM has been broadcasting in the Mid-South for more than 74 years and has a long history of standing alongside the community in difficult days.

And while many radio conglomerates around the nation are laying off and furloughing workers, Starnes Media Group has doubled down on its commitment to employees. Both the chief executive officer and the president of Starnes Media Group are not taking a salary during the pandemic.

The stay-at-home orders have also made it impossible for people to attend their local houses of worship so THE MIGHTY 990 offered local churches free air-time on Sundays to broadcast their services.

“The Mid-South has a history of resiliency, a heart of hospitality, and a drive that rivals every community in this station. We will get through this, together, and when we can meet again our community will be even mightier,” Glasscock said.

For information on advertising, contact Dalton Glasscock, [email protected]

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