Towns Jr.: America Has a God, Not a Gun Problem

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Turning back to God and the family is the solution to stopping the violent crime spreading across Tennessee, State Rep. Joe Towns Jr. (D-Memphis) told KWAM Tuesday.

Nine people were shot across the Bluff City over the weekend and Nashville is still healing after six people were killed at the Covenant School last month.

“Folks don’t know how to stop people and it’s not necessarily guns that’s doing the hurt and the harm in our community,” Towns told “Wake Up Memphis.” “What you have in this country is a heart problem.”

Towns explained that political discourse across the country has deteriorated into divisive rhetoric, resulting in a society filled with hateful people.

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The lawmaker highlighted recent statistics that show that most violent crime is being committed by juveniles.

“We’ve not raised our children right.” Towns said. “Most of the killing is done by children today…  that’s because something is happening to our families, something has happened to the culture, something has happened to the spirituality of the human being in America.”


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